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A felony conviction is considered the most serious of all crimes and can have significant, long-term consequences for you and your family. Although felonies typically begin in the county court system, they are ultimately handled by the district court. Like misdemeanors, felonies fall into categories, or Classes, that determine prison sentences, as outlined below.

• Class 1—Punishable by life in prison or the death penalty.
• Class 2—Punishable by four to forty-eight years in prison.
• Class 3—Punishable by two to twenty-four years in prison.
• Class 4—Punishable by one to twelve years in prison.
• Class 5—Punishable by one to three years in prison.
• Class 6—Punishable by one year to eighteen months in prison.

Many of these “classes” of felonies and the associated length of incarceration carry higher, harsher penalties if the crime is classified as an “extraordinary risk” crime, which in Colorado includes child abuse, stalking, sale or distribution of substances to create controlled substances, aggravated robbery, unlawful distribution of a controlled substance, and crimes of violence.

These “crimes of violence” require mandatory prison sentences if convicted. Under Colorado law, crimes of violence include certain classifications of assault, kidnapping, some robbery charges, murder, sex offenses, arson, burglary, and crimes against “at risk” adults or juveniles.

In addition, felony convictions are always followed by a mandatory parole period that requires the offender to follow certain rules and regulations as outlined in the parole agreement.

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