Criminal Law

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Criminal Law

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Finding yourself faced with a criminal charge is frightening and overwhelming, and it’s important to find an attorney who will represent you and help you understand the situation and options available to you every step of the way.

Whether you have recently been arrested and charged, or if you are concerned that you are being investigated, if you have been taken in for questioning, or if you are just concerned that you might be in the middle of something that could cause you trouble, consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible is critical.

A criminal law conviction can haunt you for the rest of your life through repayment of hefty fines or even incarceration, and the record of these convictions stays with you, potentially impacting your options for jobs, housing, credit, etc.

Working with a criminal law defense attorney specialist can help insure you do not say or do things that will incriminate you and who will help spell out your options in simple terms so that you can make the best decision possible given your individual circumstances.

Consider the following things as you choose the best criminal law representation for your unique situation:

• Step 1—Consult with the attorney to explain your situation; ask the attorney about her education;ask the attorney about her experience with your type of case. Does she specialize in criminal defense work, or is it one part of a broader practice that might distract her from your case?

• Step 2—Discuss the process and be sure you understand your rights, obligations and options; clearly understand the attorney’s role as well as your own; understand the difference between a public defender and a private criminal defense attorney and why you want to choose a private attorney; does the attorney have the qualities that are important to you? Do you feel comfortable with her? Is she an excellent communicator? Does she respond in a timely fashion?

• Step 3—Understand the costs for the entire criminal defense process.

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