About Us

Whether your issue is a misdemeanor, felony criminal offense, or DUI, Nelson Law Office can help!
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About Us

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Nelson Law Office is based in Boulder, Colorado and focuses its practice in Boulder and Denver and the surrounding areas. Our attorneys have been in practice for decades and are familiar with both the plaintiff and defendant side of criminal law.

Our criminal defense attorneys provide personal service, working with each client on an individual basis to provide expert knowledge and support through the complexities of the Colorado legal system.

Our attorneys will help you with all aspects of your criminal misdemeanor or felony defense, including:

• Filing of criminal charges
• Arrest and questioning
• Handling of bond/bail
• Initial appearance and hearing
• Preliminary hearing or dispositional conference
• Arraignment and plea entry
• Motions hearing
• Discovery
• Plea bargaining
• Jury selection
• Trial
• Plea agreement or finding of guilt
• Pre-sentencing investigation
• Sentencing hearing
• Incarceration
• Appeal

And, of course, we handle all appropriate motions and requests for consideration that work in the client’s favor during every step of the criminal defense process.

Don’t try to navigate the criminal court system on your own. If you find yourself or a loved one faced with a misdemeanor or felony criminal charge, call the Nelson Law Office to secure the representation that will work with you to secure the most favorable outcome possible for your unique situation.